Shawarma – The Slow Cooker Alternative

Shawarma – The Slow Cooker Alternative

As good as our standard recipe for beef or lamb shawarma is, those in possession of a slow cooker or crock pot and a jar of Saha Shawarma marinade are in for a real treat. Using the “low and slow” method of low temperature and long cooking time transforms tougher cuts of meat into something truly sublime. Next time you have a cold, snowed in afternoon and some patient guests, fire up the crock pot and indulge in this perfect winter comfort food.

The directions are even more simple than our standard, easy-as-pie directions. Simple take a beef or lamb roast (virtually any cut will do), slice it into inch thick slices and marinate for ten minutes in the standard “one pound of meat to 5 or 6 tablespoons of marinade” ratio. Set your slow cooker to the high setting for four hours ( or low for 8 hours) and witness as the kitchen will slowly begin to fill with a mouth-watering aroma. Once the four hours is up, the meat should be falling apart and ready to be stuffed into pita with your favourite accompaniments, served over rice, or whatever masterpiece you choose to create.

If you get leftover liquid in your slow cooker, do not throw it away.  You can use it in two delicious ways:

1. Cook your rice in it to eat with the shawarma.

2. Simmer it down in a saucepan, add tahini, and use as a drizzle for the shawarma.



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