We started Saha International Cuisine in 2010 with a vision and a set of goals. We wanted to offer the public a line of products inspired by international street food that were unique, healthy, delicious, convenient, produced using as many fresh, local ingredients as possible, and a true reflection of the highest standards of quality. Something we would be proud of. We coupled these goals with the promise to bring pride and standards back to customer service. We want to make our customers know how important they truly are to us, and to make them know that when they spoke with us in-person or contacted us via electronic media, they were speaking with real people just like them. From this shared vision, we launched our first three products: A trio of Middle-Eastern marinades. They were (and possibly still are) the first of their kind in North America, and embodied all the things we wanted to offer the people. We haven’t looked back since.

Over the past 5 years, we have added to our flagship Middle-Eastern product line by adding a trio of Thai curry bases, and a trio of Caribbean marinades/cooking bases. Besides the added variety and choice you can now enjoy, you can also rest assured that our vision and goals have not changed: We continue to strive to offer you the highest quality products available anywhere. We continue to use the best ingredients available. We continue to manufacture our products in small batches locally in Toronto. We continue to make our products healthy, and convenient to use. We continue to keep our products free of additives, preservatives, gluten, trans-fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, starches, gums, emulsifiers, and fillers. We continue to feel the satisfaction and excitement of speaking with, serving, and pleasing our customers, and we promise to continue doing so.

For general inquiries & retailing opportunities, please email Rahul and/or Rob at:

Saha International Cuisine
P.O. Box 62605, Toronto.
Ontario, Canada,